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Excelerate’s customized approach to coaching has allowed us to serve clients across a variety of industries. We take the time to understand the unique challenges of our clients and respond with tailored solutions for both the industry and the organization.

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Hear From Some of Our Happy Customers

I found Excelerate’s Communications Essentials workshop provided effective guidance on how to address challenges, and even opportunities when working in cross functional team settings. It was great working with the Excelerate team. I am so grateful!

Melva N. Rios Blanco, PhD

Executive Director, Allergan

Working with Excelerate was wonderful! The coaches are amazing – always providing great exercises that are insightful and helpful for our team. I always look forward to our sessions!

Eileen Antalis


The knowledge I have gained through Excelerate’s training will help me throughout the rest of my career. I am already seeing the positive effects of gaining insight into my communication and leadership strengths and areas of need. What valuable work they do!

Christine Scoppa

Fairport School District

After working with Excelerate, I feel like I have a much clearer picture of where we are going as a team. I sure wished I had found them a couple of years ago, but I’m glad I have them now!

Nancy Berwid

First Take Acting School

I am grateful for the work I have done with Excelerate. The Brand Your Brilliance program has been the greatest personal growth experience of my career. My coach provided great insight into my strengths & opportunities while also helping me see myself the way other people do. As a result, I am able to create better experiences for others and build powerful social capital. I even got the VP-level promotion I wanted.

Gary Boriero

Executive Director, HumanGood

Working with Excelerate has monumentally changed my life. With the help from my coach, I now have great confidence in my leadership skills. I’ve also improved my work-life balance, and led my company through several challenging situations with more ease than I ever expected I could. Even in the most challenging of times, we are a stronger team, a stronger company and thanks to Excelerate, I am a better person, leader, mom, wife and friend!

Larissa Figari-Goller

Huntington Bay Dental

I want to very sincerely thank Kimberly for all the gifts she has given to me and our entire team. We came together faster and better thanks to her coaching. The myriad of tools, and most importantly, the ability to be strong individual leaders coming together, allowed us to form an even stronger team.

Shruti Miyashiro

Orange County Credit Union

Excelerate’s self-discovery process was life changing. For the first time, I was able to see traits that I had thought were limiting my success as core talents. Once I appreciated that, I recognized that I could use them to solve problems other people couldn’t. In just a short time I became sought after for those talents and within a year, I was promoted. Best of all I was a lot less stressed and more able to enjoy my life.

Alfonso Fernandez

VP, Marketing Technology and Performance, Co-Op

My team and I have had the great pleasure to work with Excelerate over the course of many years. The positive impact they’ve had on our team has been tremendous. Communications have grown to new levels, allowing the team to continue to develop together and individually as well. As a result of the program, teamwork has improved drastically, thus positively changing the overall dynamic of the group and the atmosphere in which we work.

Carla Ussery

Executive Director, Verizon

From the beginning, the Excelerate team calmly and competently helped guide our team of where we needed to go and how to get there. They helped us navigate our difficult patches with endless patience and expertise. It was a pleasure working with them.

David Salyer

Company Partner, Coalition Court Reporters

Excelerate has done it again! I couldn’t have asked for anything better in a coaching experience. They are everything they say they are and more. They’ve given me the confidence to be able to do my job effectively while also providing the support I need, no matter the situation.

Kari Buist-Baker

Certified Nurse Care Manager, Senior Life Management

Thank you to Kimberly for all her work in providing valuable leadership training. The feedback we received from our employees was phenomenal. We are so appreciative!

Bob Child

Chief Operating Officer, CU Direct