Lead at your

highest level.

What results might you and your team achieve if top level leadership skills were regularly practiced throughout your organization?

Excelerate is a leadership and communication incubator. We develop confident, strategic leaders and high-performing executive teams that build inspiring cultures and deliver profitable results.

The executive ripple effect.

Executives have a major impact on the companies they lead. Whatever they do affects the rest of the organization, causing a ripple effect. Yet in some respect, executive leaders are oftentimes the last ones to get support.

Excelerate guides executives and senior leaders to acquire the self-awareness, self-confidence and critical communication skills needed to excel at the highest level of corporate leadership, creating a positive and powerful ripple effect.

Why we do what we do.

The potential for greatness.

We believe that within everyone lies the potential for greatness. When you select Excelerate as your partner in executive development, you’re choosing a better future for yourself and your company.


Our clients complete our engagements with fresh perspectives, new techniques in leadership and communication, and an enriched, confident sense of self.

Everything we do at Excelerate revolves around one goal: to help people become the very best versions of themselves possible. People are amazingly talented, and yet for many, that talent is still undiscovered, untapped and underappreciated potential.


We are here to change that.

Excelerate’s Innovative Best Practice Development Model

We know that creating repeatable success across industries and organizations requires three key elements:


Enable growth through self-awareness and strategy.


Enrich knowledge with contemporary information, tools & techniques.


Empower results through coaching that provides feedback, accountability and inspiration. 

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Over 1,700+ Leaders Enriched and Still Counting.

Our promise is big, and we have the service record to back it up. In the past 18 years, we’ve served more than 105 client companies and have worked with upwards of 1,594 individual clients. Over that time, 98% of our clients have hired us for multiple projects.

Client Reviews

about kimberly

Meet Kimberly Gerber, Excelerate CEO.

Founder and CEO of Excelerate, Kimberly Gerber has developed a transformational coaching process that combines high-touch experiences with cutting-edge science and technology to deliver programs that accelerate the thinking, behavior and results of executives and the companies they lead.


Prior to founding Excelerate in 2002, Kimberly was a Fortune 100 executive herself. She understands the unique responsibilities that come at the executive level and has created leadership programs to help executives think strategically, elevate their presence and finesse their communication. Kimberly helps executives achieve their goals and provides sustainable business results while having a positive impact on their environment. 

Meet our talented team.

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Are your senior leaders ready to be executives?

C-suite terminations and re-assignments are at an all-time high, with an average executive tenure less than 5 years. Get access to the latest research and information to see if your executive candidates are ready for the unique responsibilities and challenges of the C-level roles.