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Lead at Your Highest Level.


The Executive Ripple Effect

Executives have a major impact on the companies they lead. Whatever they do affects the rest of the organization, causing a ripple effect. Yet in some respect, executive leaders are oftentimes the last ones to get support.

Excelerate guides executives and senior leaders to acquire the self-awareness, self-confidence and critical communication skills needed to excel at the highest level of corporate leadership, creating a positive and powerful ripple effect.

Why We Do What We Do
The Potential for Greatness

When you select Excelerate as your partner in executive development, you’re choosing a better future for yourself and your business.

Participants complete our engagements with fresh perspectives, new techniques in leadership and communication and an enriched sense of self.



Everything we do at Excelerate revolves around one goal: to help people unleash the power that they have to lead. People are amazingly talented, and yet for so many, it’s undiscovered, untapped, unappreciated potential. We are here to change that.

– Kimberly Gerber


Excelerate’s Innovative Best
Practice Development Model

We know that creating repeatable success across industries and organizations requires three key elements:

  1. Enable clients’ desire to change through actional strategy
  2. Enrich their lives with relevant knowledge
  3. Empower them to take strategic action through executive coaching

That’s how we tailor every one of our engagements, no matter the size.

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Client Promotion Success

Our Promise is Big.

We work to enhance the sustainable value of the people and companies we serve. Our promise is big, and we have the service record to back it up. Through our executive coaching programs, we enable executives to create an environment of trust, hope and harmony that, in turn, leads others to do the same.

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Transforming Bright Leaders
into Brilliant Executives
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About Kimberly Gerber

Excelerate’s visionary founder, Kimberly Gerber, is a former Fortune 500 executive and one of the coaching world’s foremost experts on C-suite leadership. With three decades of experience, she’s helped some of the world’s highest performing businesses thrive through transitions in leadership. She specializes in helping new executives close critical leadership skill gaps and build extraordinary confidence.


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