Equip your leaders to excel in C-level roles.

The move from leader to executive isn’t a step…it’s a leap. Excelerate’s Executive Accelerator is your solution for smooth and successful leadership transitions.

50-70% of first-time executives fail within the first 18 months on the job.

Executive Accelerator is here to change that.

Executive Accelerator is a development program designed for high-potential senior leaders to be hired or promoted into c-level roles. Leaders participate in a custom-tailored pathway of coaching and development experiences, completing the program more knowledgeable, self-aware and confident.

Executive Accelerator Delivers Results.

Combining individual and cohort training, Executive Accelerator uses a holistic process to create more knowledgeable, self-aware, and confident leaders. Participants gain access to a team of experts, curated for their specific needs that enables a rapid transformation. 


By the end of the program, participants are vetted, tested, polished and ready to lead powerfully at the highest levels of the organization.

Participants Promoted
Retained 5+ Years After Program
Rehire Rate
Who is This For?

Executive Accelerator is a comprehensive leadership program for executives in high-growth, Fortune 500, PE-backed, mid-market, and family-owned companies. Our clients trust Excelerate to transform their top leaders into exceptional executives.

Leaders Preparing for a
C-Level Promotion

Executive leadership requires skills and capabilities that many soon-to-be executives aren’t traditionally exposed to. With the right coaching, talented candidates will be primed and ready to excel in an executive position when the time comes.

Recently Promoted

New executives want to stand out and prove that others can depend on them to lead the business forward. They need to build a personal leadership brand around their core talents to earn the trust of their organization’s most influential leaders.

Early Stage

The first years are the most difficult for new executives. While they might possess technical and financial acumen, they may lack critical skills in one or more of the five areas of leadership development expected of their role.

Excel in 5 Critical Dimensions of Leadership

Successful leadership transition requires awareness and competency in five key areas of leadership.

Self Leadership

Develop the personal, mental and emotional habits required to lead the organization toward success.

Strategic Leadership

Design a compelling company vision and strategy that the organization can understand, embrace and execute with passion and commitment.

Executive Team Leadership

Create synergy and harmony among the company’s top leaders. Learn how to leverage their diverse personalities and talents to produce powerful organizational results focused on a common vision.

Organizational Leadership

Cultivate a team culture that attracts quality individuals, keeps them engaged, aligned and exhibiting the behaviors that build a positive culture and produces real results.


Embody a powerful executive presence and deliver compelling messages that attract new opportunities and create confidence among shareholders, board members, the media and beyond.

This Program is a Fit If…

Executive Accelerator is designed with specific leaders in mind. Ideal candidates are in one of the following situations:

Our Commitment to

Diversify the C-Suite with the Highest Caliber Candidates.

McKinsey & Co. research shows that when an organization’s executive team is diverse, they are 33% more likely to see larger profit margins compared to those that aren’t.

Executive Accelerator is designed to help you strengthen your diversity candidates so they are equipped and confident to lead at the highest level. 

The Executive Accelerator Journey
Throughout the program, your accelerating leaders will receive everything they need to become world-class executives who are strategic thinkers and masterful communicators. Through Executive Accelerator, they will achieve transformational results with speed and excellence.

Step 1


Leaders participate in a variety of assessments designed to identify their strengths and opportunities across the 5 dimensions of leadership critical for success. This sets the foundation for the participant and their coaching team to devise a plan that supports the leader and yields powerful and positive results.

Step 2

Coach Matching

Based on needs and assessment results, each participant is matched with an Excelerate Executive Coach. Our coaches are qualified, certified and tenured. Each has their own specialities that enhance participants’ experience and development.

Step 3

Transformation Retreat

In an environment unlike any other, participants go deep in self-discovery to transform their talents and realize their highest leadership potential. During this experience, participants work with a skilled coaching team across the five (5) critical areas of executive leadership. Participants emerge from the retreat equipped with a clear blueprint for success.

Step 4

Mastermind Learning

Participants are matched with a peer group which serves to foster accountability, optimize engagement and promote long-term relationships that extend well beyond the term of the program.

Step 5

1:1 Coaching

Participants work with their executive coach on a bi-weekly basis to explore opportunities, deepen learning, take risks and get results. 1:1 coaching provides for a customized, strategic, results-oriented coaching experience.

Step 6

Speech Training

During the program, participants spend one-on-one time with experts who will assess competency and provide training to help each individual refine their presence and their ability to speak in a number of different forums.

Step 7

Readiness Retreat

Participants complete Executive Accelerator by attending a readiness retreat, during which participants demonstrate and validate their skills through a series of challenges and live demonstration. This is an incredible confidence-building experience that assures candidates are ready to ascend to and be successful in c-level roles.

Step 8

Tools & Resources

Members of Executive Accelerator have lifetime access to a robust library of tools, templates and trainings designed to make implementation of executive leadership easy ad sustainable. Toolkits provided in this program allow for easy knowledge transfer to to team members within the organizations they work, further extending the benefits of Executive Accelerator.

Transformation Through One-of-a-Kind In-Person Retreats.

Executive Accelerator amplifies transformative development through high-engagement retreats. These immersion experiences bookend the program insuring early engagement, rapid progress and sustainable leadership development.


Below are just some of the coaching experiences that Executive Accelerator participants can expect to have at our retreats:

Program Outcomes

Participants will experience success in many different ways. 

Leading Through COVID-19
Executive Accelerator is one of the smartest investments businesses can make during COVID-19. Here’s why.

Solid leadership is what anchors businesses through unsteady times, whether it be a recession, employee dissent or a global pandemic.


Executive Accelerator graduates have the skills to lead their companies in the most difficult of times, easily functioning as pillars of hope and perseverance for the employees they serve. Our leaders have navigated COVID-19 with the added confidence that comes from support in developing strategy, communications and policies that support the people in the business. 

We’ve had the pleasure of developing leaders from some of the most respected brands in the world.

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