Corporate gift-giving: it can be a tricky thing, right? During the holidays, we want to give gifts that our co-workers, bosses and clients truly want; something that they will value and that will leave them with a fond memory of you. So how do you do this?

At Excelerate, we’ve found that some of the best corporate gifts are ones that result in a positive experience for the receiver. They can be jointly shared or given away, doesn’t matter, as long as the receiver has a great time. Not only will your colleague feel pampered, your social capital with that person will also expand. To have your colleagues, clients and co-workers feeling special this holiday season, consider these ideas:

  1. Sporting Events
    It doesn’t matter if it’s football, basketball, baseball or any other sport; offering tickets to a sporting event you know they enjoy is a classic gift experience that people love to receive. You can either attend the game with them or let them bring a spouse or a friend and enjoy the game. Either way, this gift experience is a surefire way to demonstrate thoughtfulness and extra effort.

  2. Music Concerts
    This is a great gift experience for colleagues and clients who love music. Because nobody wants to sit through an hour or two of music that they hate, it’s important that you get the genre just right.

  3. Theater, Symphony or Ballet
    For your sophisticates or thespian friends, tickets to a show, symphony or ballet is ideal, especially if it’s an in-demand show. Not sure what’s running on the local theatre scene? Seasonal favorites like the touring Rockettes or The Nutcracker are classy choices.

  4. Box Seating
    To treat multiple people, or ensure that you get to enjoy the experience together, box seats and any of the above type events sends a message of confidence, class and inclusion. If you haven’t done this before, consider renting out a box at a game, concert or play, and sharing it with your clients or corporate friends. This is a great way to mingle with multiple clients/colleagues at once while enjoying a fun gift experience at the same time.

  5. Dinner Invite
    Who doesn’t love a nice, delicious dinner? You can’t go wrong with a restaurant that has tasty food and beautiful ambiance during the holidays. If you’re short on time this holiday season, a gift card to your client’s favorite restaurant is always a great idea as well.

  6. Wine Tasting
    Spread some holiday cheer with a high-end wine tasting! Many wineries, restaurants and wine shops have holiday events that allow you to book a room so all your corporate friends can enjoy the experience together. It’s also a good idea to rent a bus or car service so that everyone gets home safely.

  7. Rent Out a Movie Theater
    Whether it’s Mary Poppins, Aquaman or a classic holiday movie, impress your clients and/or colleagues by renting out a movie theater this holiday season. These days you can serve appetizers outside your theatre and have popcorn and beverages served to your movie-going clients.

  8. Small-Group Cooking Class
    If you have clients or colleagues who love to cook, hosting up a small-group cooking class is a great idea. In the small group setting, you have the opportunity to talk, catch up with each other and learn a new recipe or two. This is a multi-sensory experience that will create wonderful memories and give you something to talk about for years.

  9. Golfing
    Some people can never have enough golf and for those individuals, consider booking a local trip to a golf resort or maybe buying tickets to a professional golf tournament. You’ll make a great impression…and maybe even get some business done.

  10. Paint & Wine Night
    Hosting an event at a paint/wine location is another great way to show thoughtfulness and creativity. With this gift-experience, an instructor guides participants through a painting while everyone sips on their favorite wine and enjoys one another’s company and artistry. Hosting tip…skip the painting and spend your time mingling with all of your guests. Take group and individual photos to commemorate the event.

  11. Weekend Getaway
    Splurge on your top clients and give them the gift of relaxation with a nice weekend getaway. You’ll want to choose a place that’s not too far away, just in case something comes up at home, but also far enough away, to make sure that it feels like a mini-vacation.

Whatever you decide to gift your colleagues and clients this holiday season, the most important aspect of your gift is to make sure it feels personal and specialized to that individual. And also – HAVE FUN! This time of year is about authentic giving and it’s also a great opportunity to build social capital with the people you work with. Be bold, extend some invitations and creatively enjoy the season with those you care about in ways that allow you to express yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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