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Open Enrollment Workshops

Open Enrollment Communication Workshops

Combine the effectiveness of onsite training with the scalability of online training by sending one or more of your employees to an Excelerate Open Enrollment Workshop. These programs include corporate teambuilding activities, executive management training and communications workshops which are excellent for business owners, key executives and high-potentials, as well as leaders who may be self-limiting their career opportunities. In the open enrollment environment, participants are exposed to themselves and others in a neutral environment, giving them the opportunity to receive valuable communication training & development as well as authentic feedback from other executives and peers.

Upcoming Open Enrollment Programs – Communication Mastery Coming January 2017!

Excelerate’s Communication Mastery 3-Day Live Event – January 25-27, 2017 in Irvine, CA. Communication Mastery is an exclusive program where leaders, managers and high-potentials come together to enhance their individual and collective communications skills. This comprehensive Excelerate program implements presentations, discussions and hands-on exercises to provide a transformational learning experience. Complete with assessments, skills training, feedback and coaching, this intensive experience enables participants to understand the impact of their communications and change the way that they are perceived by others. Business leaders and employees at any stage in their careers and at every level of communication competency will benefit from the Excelerate Communication Mastery program. Click this link to register now!

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