Commincation Mastery
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Communication Mastery Process

Self Discovery

Explore the importance of non-verbal communication, perception, a wide variety of language nuances and your own personal communication style. Receive genuine peer and professional feedback that will help uncover the differences between self-perception and the perception of others. Discover the power of intentional communication!

Shifting Perspectives

Step outside yourself to better understand and value the perspective of others. Learn the influence of various of non-verbal communication, interaction styles, values and customs. Develop a greater understanding of how and why individuals are naturally different from one another and how these differences can lead to communication barriers and challenges. Experience empowerment through the ability to adapt your personal non-verbal communication style to accommodate, accept and influence others in a positive way.

New Language Techniques to Prevent Communication Barriers

Develop awareness of the effects of both positive and negative attitudes and emotions on an organization’s culture. Learn to make clear, concise requests, offers, promises and declines. Discover new strategies for leveraging the power of emotion, expression and non-verbal communication, like body language, to create an ideal working environment while positively influencing others and seizing new opportunities while preventing communicaiton barriers.

Strategies for Conflict Resolution and Difficult Dialogues

Integrate your learning to acquire the advanced communication skills expected by today’s leaders and producers. Learn strategies for conflict resolution empathy’s place in communication, win-win negotiation strategies, effective delivery of confessions and apologies, and best practice methods for holding others accountable with authority and grace. Confront and navigate challenging situations with greater confidence and professionalism.

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