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Excelerate Helps Companies Resolve Conflicts With Specialized Programs

Mediation and Conflict Intervention Services Bring Teams Together to Resolve Workplace Problems

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. (April 2, 2013) – Excelerate, a communication training and coaching firm delivering innovative strategies and leadership development, is now offering conflict intervention and mediation services designed to make a powerful impact for organizations struggling with workplace disagreements. Excelerate’s conflict intervention and mediation services offer an unbiased, neutral environment for airing employee grievances, identifying the root cause of problems, and solving disputes with the help of certified mediators and conflict-resolution experts.

Excelerate’s trained specialists work with HR managers and executives to relieve and eliminate workplace tensions caused by a variety of situations such as harassment charges, alleged unfair treatment, team dysfunction and interpersonal conflicts. Excelerate helps involved parties identify trigger points, clarify individual perceptions and agree on actions to move toward sustainable resolution.

“We see that the main cause of a majority of workplace challenges is style- and value-based differences,” says Kimberly Gerber, president and CEO of Excelerate. “Underlining tension at work—whether it’s between manager and employee, peer to peer or within a team—can be a huge drain on labor resources, affecting workplace happiness and halting productivity. We work to take the toxicity out of the environment, which de-stresses the team and allows for healthy relationships all the way around.”

Excelerate’s mediation service is a voluntary process in which a certified mediator helps facilitate discussion from a neutral perspective. The intention is that both parties are heard, have a constructive dialogue and can work together to resolve issues. Excelerate’s conflict intervention service is a blend of mediation and coaching in which assessment tools such as Excelerate’s Communication 360 and The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) are utilized to offer a bigger picture of the perception and personalities involved. Individual work is done in order to prepare the parties to discuss issues with each other. Problems are not rehashed, but rather necessary support and individual commitments are identified and a path for future success is co-created and agreed upon.

“Our organization brought Excelerate in to help with two problems—one between a manager and a direct report and one that involved a department,” says Edna Querry, human resources manager at ACCO Brands. “The situations were handled in extremely professional and effective ways. Excelerate’s staff instantly gained the trust of all involved, which allowed for open communication and successful resolutions. Tensions were relieved, conflicts were solved and communication between all parties has greatly improved.”

Individual, two-person, or team programs range from one to several meetings and include a summary report detailing individual characteristics and behaviors, necessary commitments and a prognosis for change and future conflict.

For more information about Excelerate’s mediation and conflict intervention services, visit

ABOUT EXCELERATE: Excelerate is a communication training and coaching firm delivering innovative strategies and leadership development. For more than two decades, Excelerate has made an extraordinary difference for organizations of all sizes, giving CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, high-potential employees and millennials the power tools to become effective communicators through interactive workshops, executive coaching, group coaching, mediation and laser coaching to focus on specific issues. Excelerate’s mission is to empower individuals and organizations to make holistic, transformational changes in the way they communicate. The firm’s 360-degree approach to communication helps clients increase productivity, raise morale, improve satisfaction and boost profitability. For more information, visit

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