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Conflict Intervention

Have a conflict? Let us intervene.

Conflict is inevitable, and when it strikes in the workforce, it’s important to act quickly and appropriately. Practicing conflict resolution in the workplace with individuals and teams who are in the middle of conflict—whether they are causing it or experiencing it—is a very delicate matter. That’s why Excelerate offers specially trained conflict experts to work with you through intervention and mediation techniques. Our conflict resolution services, which include mediation techniques as well as two-person, team and individual interventions, are cutting-edge, cost-effective and proven.

Whatever your unique challenges, Excelerate partners with you to support your goals, limit your stress and minimize your exposure.  Because when you’re already faced with conflict resolution issures in the workplace, the last thing you need is additional pressure.

  • Mediationm Techniques.  Excelerate’s mediation service is a voluntary process in which a certified mediator helps facilitate discussion from a neutral perspective. The intention is that both parties are heard, have a constructive dialogue and can work together to resolve issues. Find Out More.
  • Two-person Intervention. Conflict between two employees can disrupt productivity and impact team morale. Luckily, these types of tense situations can be completely resolved using conflict resolution in the workplace. Through our 90- to 120-day process, we combine individual and group coaching to bring both parties to a level of mutual respect and understanding, creating a more positive working environment. Find Out More.
  • Team Intervention. These projects combine the use of highly customized assessments, meetings, coaching and ongoing follow-up mediation techniques.  This process helps a dysfunctional team move to a place of respect and productivity. Find Out More.
  • Individual Intervention. Sometimes, workplace conflict and resolution can involved or be caused by a single individual, making direct intervention the best mode of resolving the issue. These situations often involve assessments combined with focused coaching. Personal intervention helps high-conflict individuals gain a clear perspective of which of their behaviors cause problems, starting the pathway to change. Through coaching, individuals are able to develop new coping skills and modify their choices to produce better results for all involved. Find Out More.

Excelerate invites mediation clients to enjoy full access to our robust library of tools and resources. Clients can access reading lists and white papers, take assessments, practice communication exercises, download topical MP3s and even attend webinars. Corporate clients have the option of branded sites with event information, assessments and content and materials customized for their employees. Whether located in Southern California or across the United State, through medication techniques, Excelerate can help you achieve conflict resolution.

Contact Excelerate today to learn more about how we can help your business achieve conflict resolution in the workplace.

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